Why Black and White?

We had a very enjoyable and educational evening with Jay Charnock FRPS. Here are four things I took away from the evening:

Jay Charnock FRPS talks about b&w photography at the Cheam Camera Club

1. When you take away colour from an image you are left with contents; strong colour draw your attention to certain elements in the image.  Then it’s up to you what you want to emphasise. Continue reading »

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Fine Art Photographer Viveca Koh

Viveca Koh FRPS specialises in Fine Art Photography and Digital Image Manipulation/Photo Illustration.

She started photographing with a mobile phone when she first bought an iPhone 4s, which she has upgraded since then. She realised its potential and soon got hooked on it leaving her Nikon SLR kit sitting on shelf on some of her photographic assignments. Continue reading »

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Developing Your Creative Vision

Developing Your Creative Vision by Adriaan van Heerden

Adriaan is a multi-award winning photographer and a former member of the Cheam Camera Club. He talked majored on the aesthetics of photography and, for a change, there was no mention of cameras, lenses or techniques. At the end of his talk he gave us some steps on taking our photography to a new level.


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Butterflies at RHS Wisley

RHS: Wisley Butterflies

Please click here to visit their website.

A handful of CCC members headed off to Wisley on a very cold, grey day – all hoping to find colour and warmth within the Glasshouse of Wisley.

Butterflies at RHS Wisley

Our top tip of last season was to pack a hot water bottle in the camera bag to stop the camera misting – this worked a treat. The downside of the glasshouse is that it gets very hot, very quickly – and becomes incredibly crowded. The butterflies were very difficult to find this year – with a general chat about how many there actually were, we decided that perhaps there weren’t so many. Top tip for this visit – you can take a tripod – but need to be prepared to put it away if asked. An enjoyable morning for all.

If you enjoy butterflies, I would also highly recommend NHM Sensational Butterflies

Carole Baker

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Aerial Photography

A talk by David Hogg LRPS, founder of Horizon Imaging

Our visiting speaker on 8th February David showed us stunning aerial photographs taken for marketing purposes. He uses drones and pole-cams to get a different perspective on buildings and landscapes.

In 2007 David started taking aerial photographs for commercial clients and has since developed a strong client base and a reputation for producing photographs of exceptional quality.

You can see his eye-catching photographs by visiting his website.

Find out more about him by clicking here.

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Photographic Vision and Personal Style

Leigh Preston FRPS has a unique style of photographing urban landscapes. He gave a very interesting talk at the club on Wed 30th November. The following day 12 of us met for a workshop. It wasn’t about cameras and lenses which are a favourite topic of conversation among the club members. In fact there was hardly any talk about photographic hardware. Instead Leigh focused on ‘Photographic Vision and Personal Style’ which is a challenge for all of us irrespective of how long we have been photographing.
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RPS and PAGB Distinctions

A talk by Philip Quarry FRPS



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Open Evening of the Cheam Camera Club

Our first New Members Evening, for several years, was held on 21st September. With 12 potential new members in attendance, we can class it as a success. Well done Marian Guess and the programme committee for all the planning. 24 current club members attended the evening, discussing our club prints, projected digital images, social activities, camera equipment, external competitions, LR examples and general club life.

Michael Nightingale (New Members and Publicity Officer) was able to speak directly to each potential member during the evening and contact details noted for feedback on the event. Feedback will be sought from potential members who have so far, decided not to join, and new members that have already become full members. To date, four members Jane McGuire, Debbie Whitton, Colin and Michael Williams have all been welcomed within the group.

If you attended the evening, the programme committee would be most grateful for your feedback from the evening – good or bad – so we can improve and fine tune the evening next time.

Programme Committee & Michael Nightingale New Members and Publicity Officer

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Making an audio Visual

You can make a simple AV using Adobe Lightroom. However, Fotomagico software is excellent for the following reasons –

1. It allows you to animate slides
2. You can see the audio waveform and can cut to the beat of music
3. Very easy to use

Website for purchase: https://www.boinx.com/fotomagico

COST: $99.

Please do a web search for free tutorials; here is one on getting started:


There isn’t much around as ‘totally free music’. Music purchased from iTunes does not qualify you for a license to use it in your AV. You’ve only paid to download and listen to it personally.

Generally you’ll have to pay to obtain a licence to use the music in your AV. My advice would be never to use commercial music as you won’t be able to get a licence for showing your presentation publicly or for entering your AV for competitions.

The following music is specially written for AVs, YouTube or Vimeo uploading, drama, advertising, a film and television. Please read their T & C carefully before purchasing the music.

The licence fee varies according to use.

PRICE – $10 onwards (Subscribe and buy items in sale)
bensound.com (some free tracks)
proudmusiclibrary.com (best) €55/track

We look forward to receiving lots of entries from the club members in 2017 at our Audio Visual evening.

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Annual Exhibition

By Carole Baker

  • Cheap Camera Club

A wonderful evening, held at Bourne Hall, was had by all who attended our Annual Photographic Exhibition. Many members came along with friends and family to enjoy the images on display.

Our judge, for the evening, Don Morley expressed his delight in judging the wonderful images and said it was a difficult task selecting the eventual winners. It was a rare chance for members to see images up close and discuss techniques and the photographers thinking behind the image.

It was nice to see some old faces join us for the evening. A great evening- with congratulations to all those who made the evening a success. A thank you to those who shares their image, and of course, congratulations to all those who were awarded rosettes during the evening.

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